About Us

At the beginning of November 2020, an armed conflict emerged in Tigray, Ethiopia’s northernmost region. In view of its longstanding research and development activities in the Tigray region, a team based at Ghent University’s Department of Geography has documented the humanitarian situation since the start of the Tigray war. The names of civilians who lost their lives as a result of warfare have slowly surfaced. In this project, we professionalise the database of civilian casualties in the Tigray War, and update the Tigray Atlas of the Humanitarian Situation

  • We use best endeavours to confirm massacres and civilian deaths
  • We upgrade and update the existing database of civilian victims of the Tigray war.
  • We consolidate the database, in line with best practice and the Standards for Casualty Recording, with “Every Casualty Counts” providing the methodology and training.
  • We make the database publicly available
  • We update the Atlas of the Humanitarian Situation on a monthly basis

The communication blackout and lockdown of the region make it very hard to get verified information, so the actual number of deaths is likely much higher than the data that we have collected so far.

Contact us at contact@ethiopiatigraywar.com.

This work is carried out at the Department of Geography of Ghent University and benefits from financial support by “Every Casualty Counts” (U.K.); contract N° A21TT1650_ECW.