Incident Date
17 January 2021
Adi Goshu, Kunama & Habesha Adigoshu, Kafta Humera
Western, Tigray
Civilians reported killed
(7 of which who are named)
Reported Perpetrator
Amhara Special Forces or Fano Militia
Civilians executed by Amhara militia.
According to witnesses Amhara militia rounded up civilians in Adi Goshu and executed them near the Tekeze bridge crossing between Western Tigray and Central Tigray. Dozens of bodies were left unburied. An investigation by Amnesty International and HRW stated members of the Amhara Special Forces rounded up and summarily executed about 60 Tigrayan men by the Tekeze River. Witnesses and the few men who survived believed the killings were a revenge attack after the Amhara forces suffered heavy losses during fighting with Tigrayan forces the previous night. A seperate account was given to a french researcher. Fano militia were going from door to door in Addi Goshu to arrest Tigrayans. They were taken by truck to the Tekezé Bridge in Adiabo and everyone was instructed to get off and cross the bridge, which they did. Once they were on the other side, they were shot at by the militia from both sides of the river while walking on the road. 9 people (7 of whom were injured) survived, while 52 others were murdered.
Atalay Fekdey , unknown, male
Zemichael , unknown, male
Hailekiros Woldegebrél , unknown, male
Girmay , unknown, male
Gebre Rufael , unknown, male
Negasi Amare , 20, male
Gebrehiwot Yohanni , unknown, male