Incident Date
16 - 17 November 2020
Shire, Shire, Indasilassie town
North Western, Tigray
Civilians reported killed
12 - 200
(19 of which who are named)
Reported Perpetrator
Eritrean Defence Force, Ethiopian National Defence Force
Civilians killed in shelling and shooting by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers.
In the morning of 17 November the city was shelled, killing at least 10 people according to Human Rights Watch. According to a witness, interviewed for TGHAT, the shelling started in th evening of 16 November. The day after Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers entered the city, shooting people while they robbed and destroyed businesses. The witness states about 200 civilians were killed those 2 days.
Axumawi Zenebe , 16, male
Zaid Goitom , 22, female
Selam Yohannes Kidane, 28, female
Kewani Gezae , unknown, male
Brother of Kewani Gezae , unknown, male
Brother of Kewani Gezae , unknown, male
Hewan Kidane , 4, female
Daniel Abraha , 24, male
Muluken Abraha , 30, male
Aman Mulu , 20, male
Natnael Kesete , 20, male
Daniel Hadush , 16, male
Berihu Gebremichael , unknown, male
Kahsay Belay , unknown, male
Haile Gebremeskel , unknown, male
Teklebirhan , unknown, male
Tirhas , unknown, male