Incident Date
23 February 2021
May Weyni, Addis_ Alem May_ Weyni, Samre
South Eastern, Tigray
Civilians reported killed
(2 of which who are named)
Reported Perpetrator
Eritrean Defence Force
Eritrean soldiers killed civilians in revenge after a defeat in Cheli.
After being defeated in a battle in Cheli, Eritrean soldiers went to the village killing people in revenge. It is estimated that more than 80 people died, but survivors were only to bury the dead after 3 days. Some bodies were eaten by hyena's, leaving sometimes only some pieces of clothing to identify the people. Satellite imagery shows hundreds of houses in the area burned
Ghirmay Teklezgi , unknown, male
Mebrahtu Mehari , 32, male