Incident Date
5 March 2021
Berezeba, Berezeba, Samre
South Eastern, Tigray
Civilians reported killed
20 - 60
(10 of which who are named)
Reported Perpetrator
Eritrean Defence Force, Ethiopian National Defence Force
Civilians killed by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers.
Fantaye Birhanu , unknown, male
Hilfey Hailemariam , 25, female
Meresa Berhe Senbete, unknown, male
Goitom Gebru , unknown, male
Beletu Melkamu Abraha, 21, female
Birhanu Tesfay , unknown, male
Belete Tesfay , unknown, male
Tegusha Hadgu , unknown, female
Kasaye Fantaye , unknown, male