Incident Date
6 November 2021
Adi Goshu, Kunama & Habesha Adigoshu, Kafta Humera
Western, Tigray
Civilians reported killed
151 - 170
(0 of which who are named)
Reported Perpetrator
Amhara Special Forces or Fano Militia
Civilians killed by Amhara militia.
People from Addi Goshu, May Woini, May Qeyh and Sheikh Menshel were killed in at least three rounds of killings using the same modus operandi. Fano and ASF arrested people at home or on the streets. 13 people were killed in town during the first round of killings in Addi Goshu at around midday. During the second round in the late afternoon, 94 people from Sheikh Menshel were arrested, and 86 were taken to a cattle farm in May Woini. Two escaped, and 84 were killed. After the 86 people from the village had been taken to the farm, Fano took a group of 17 people next to a trench they had dug and shot them in the back. The victims fell into the trench. One victim took a bullet in the jaw, but survived. He and another man who had been shot in the leg but survived helped each other to get out, each untying the other’s bonds. The other 14 people died. At the third round of killing at 9 p.m., another survivor said that 17 people from May Qeyh were shot at the same cattle farm, together with 38 people from Addi Goshu, and more from Sheikh Menshel and May Woini. In May Qeyh, Fano came and started to look for people, door to door. At around 8 p.m., they were taken to May Woini. There, they met people from Addi Goshu as well. Fano took a first group of 30 people to a trench they had dug. They made them stand in two rows and killed them. Then they took the people from May Qeyh. One person managed to flee. During his flight he was shot but only injured at the leg. Inhabitants could document lists of victims containing 151 names.
Personal details of the victim(s) are not reported for this incident.