Incident Date
4 - 19 August 2021
Hara, Hara, Guba Lafto
North Wello, Amhara
Civilians reported killed
(4 of which who are named)
Reported Perpetrator
Tigray Defence Force
Civilians killed by Tigray forces.
According to the residents the Commission interviewed, 12 civilians including people with mental illnesses were shot dead by TPLF forces. Considering the heavy fighting that took place in the area, it is believed that the number of civilian deaths could be higher. Several homes and shops were burnt or collapsed due to artillery fire from both sides to the conflict. An eyewitness told the Commission that 5 residential houses were set ablaze by shelling.
Seid Yassin , 40, male
Nurye , unknown, male
Amina , unknown, female
Tikuye , unknown, male